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    Malibu MXZ Wakesetter 2014

    THIS THING IS HUUUUGE! 24ft of AWESOME. This thing throws a wake that you can only find in the ocean especially for a 14’ model. Its got all the bells and quite a few whistles, too. It’s in 100% showroom condition with very little time on it. Compared to a brand new one like it, you should be...
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    Malibu Response LX 2000

    MALIBU RESPONSE 2000’ As I always say. “Malibus look new when they are old”. This one is no different. Quality is high grade which is important for a boat to keep a great appearance and condition. Owners of high quality boats also take pride in that fact so they make sure they are well taken...
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    Sold Malibu Wakesetter XTI 2005

    MALIBU WAKESETTER VLX DIRECT DRIVE 13’ “QRS” “A++” This by far, is the nicest looking direct drive I’ve ever seen. It is laid out so nice and overall is gorgeous! It’s in perfect condition and only has 340 hours. That’s almost new. I will warranty this boat easily. Of course we warranty most all...