Malibu MXZ Wakesetter 2014


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MXZ Wakesetter
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THIS THING IS HUUUUGE! 24ft of AWESOME. This thing throws a wake that you can only find in the ocean especially for a 14’ model. Its got all the bells and quite a few whistles, too. It’s in 100% showroom condition with very little time on it. Compared to a brand new one like it, you should be able to save about $100,000.00 and still fool you neighbors thinking you just spent what the average house used to cost.
Don’t pass this one up if you want a new boat for a cheap price. We have great financing and insurance so that you don’t have to do JACK when you buy it. And remember RPMSPORTS is the only dealer anywhere that gives you the “Try before you buy” experience. And certainly don’t forget the one year warranty that only comes with a boat from RPMSPORTS. Call 830 865 3251 or email [email protected]. “IT JUST DON’T GET NO BETTER THAN RPMSPORTS”.


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