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As I always say. “Malibus look new when they are old”. This one is no different. Quality is high grade which is important for a boat to keep a great appearance and condition. Owners of high quality boats also take pride in that fact so they make sure they are well taken care of.
This 2000’ is no different….pass for showroom! So nice we will warranty this one for one year. How many used boats no matter what age, comes with a one year warranty?? ANSWER: None unless from RPMSPORTS.COM. We have a scoring system called QRS. RPMSPORTS.COM sells boats with a QRS of “B- to A++”. We give this boat a score of “A+”. Can you imagine an eighteen year old boat to pass for a showroom boat? It only has 440 hrs on it. That’s 44,000 miles if it was a car. We have some of these older boats on our lake clear back to the early 90s with over 5,000 hrs on the original engine and they haven’t been torn down. How’s that for quality?
If you want a new high quality boat, buy a Malibu that is if you want to spend $100,000.00 plus. Or you can buy this one and pass it off for new. You neighbors will never know the difference. Besides getting a great price, you can keep this one for years and very possibly get your money back in a resale. NO BRAINER RIGHT? Call us at 830 865 3251 or email [email protected]. No one knows boats better than we do!


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