1952 Rowlett Custom Racing Boat for Sale - Yorktown VA

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Virginia - VA
This boat is listed on Norfolk VA craigslist for more info/contact info.



***Serious inquiries only*** Contact through CL add. Distance shipping will not be arranged by seller, sale is cash only and must be transported same day.

Collector find 1952 Dual cockpit wooden boat kept in barn/garage since ~1960. Purchased at an estate sale from the original owners family. This boat is 11' 6" long. I have a picture of the last time the owners last used prior to ~1960. Motor used a few times in 70s/80's but is running and tuned-up (more info below). When found, the varnish had degraded beyond repair. Boat has been stripped and completely refinished.

Rear pulley system steering and a RUNNING 1956 Evinrude Fastwin 15 hp with tank (tank will need to lines if you want to actually take the boat out but works as is) - outboard runs great.
The motor has new plugs, re-spaced points, new water pump impeller and new lower unit oil. It has FWD - Neutral - Reverse gears. Motor could use strip and paint below power head - cosmetic imperfections lower unit repainted at some point. The tank was repainted at some point also and does not have stickers on it, but are easily obtained on ebay for that year/size tank. The tank does hold pressure.

The history on the boat: Built and sold in Richmond Virginia from Rowlett Bicycles and Canoes. Someone was building these to race and I was unable to find any more info on a name. The boat was referred to as a 'Rowlett Custom' and only not many were built, all by hand.

I have the original anchor (in pic), all the original hardware and the registration numbers made from Bakelite ( I believe) no cracks. Odds are you will not be able to get the same old registration numbers if you want to re -register the boat unless there is a special exemptions for antiques.

Pulley system rope has degraded and disintegrated, still trying to source a period correct replacement. The only thing left is to decide is to re-chrome the three hardware pieces and to put the registration numbers on the boat. The chrome is warn down to the brass.

Bill of sale can be given but this boat does not have a title and according to the previous owner it never did. I called VDGIF and the numbers I have were not active when they computerized their records, so the information was not logged in any system (presumably). Which makes since because during that time period they were not required. This is a once in a lifetime find. Contact via email. I do not need help selling I am only selling to make room for another project.

Serious offers only, very few of these small wooden raceboats still around..


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